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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

4 Major Technological Advancements to Take Ecommerce to Next Level

People used to look at ecommerce with uncertainty; today ecommerce has grown to such an extent that it is now a widely received form of business and transactions across the world. The field of ecommerce has witnessed several major changes from two decades of its arrival, which includes the mobile emergence and Omni channel experience.
The technology continuously developed to improve the online shopping experience for both customers and sellers.
With these many changes happening over time, what has ecommerce got to do? What are the advancements we can see in the near future? Are the foreseen advancements capable of taking ecommerce to the next level?
Below mentioned are the 4 major advancements that are expected to take ecommerce to the next level:
1. Integrated Approaches to Retail
While a dominant strategy of selling to the customers via in-person and online channels is continuing to grow, the new technology is focusing on integrating the approach to omnichannel sales rather than concentrating on digital and in-person sales individually. These new tools manage the inventory, returns and also optimize shipping for the companies which sell thorough multiple channels, but want to build a streamlined customer experience.
2. Interaction with Multi-format Customer
These days the customers find goods and services in lots of ways; this means that the optimization of marketing has been a great challenge than ever before. Now, the technology is addressing how to sort offline, online and mobile campaigns. New features like geo-fencing are allowing the companies to target smartphones by location while the marketing automation technologies are helping consumers make the decisions.
3. Accessibility Technologies
As ecommerce just covers a smaller subset of the entire retail, even now many companies are making the transition to online transactions. The accessibility technologies and platforms that help businesses sell offline move to the online space hold a huge potential. It actually varies from the tools which help in building online stores for start-up platforms like Garmentory, which enables boutiques to list their inventories in a marketplace.
4. Block chain Technology
Initially, the Block chain technology was discussed just in the context of bitcoin. But later on, the companies started realizing the usefulness of technology in other aspects. Block chain technology helps in designing the online payment systems which are safe, scalable and anonymous.
With these advancements happening in ecommerce, it’s really a high-time for the entrepreneurs to have a look at their plans for developing the platform and also consider the ways to strive for the efficiency.
As ecommerce is continually gaining the popularity with sellers and consumers, more and more technological developments are emerging to improve the system. By being aware of the emerging technologies and its capabilities, you can certainly design a system that thrives in the market.