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Monday, 21 December 2015

YouTube is Climbing Up the App Store’s Top Grossing Chart

The YouTube’s plans of converting a part of its user base to subscription-based through an ad-free service called YouTube Red seems to be gaining a grip. The company’s iOS app is now one among the top 10 grossing iPhone apps on App Store which is ensued after the launch of YouTube Red in October.
This shows that numerous users who initially signed up for the trial of one month, have converted to paying users as the trial ended

YouTube Red is a determined effort of the company to generate revenue stream both for the creators and the site. It’s true that the users are getting annoyed because of the ads that appear while watching an interesting video. Keeping this on mind, company has come up with YouTube Red which allows the users watch ad-free videos while also providing other premium features like video saving ability to watch it offline and ability to play videos in the background. The last item is what makes YouTube more competitive with other music streaming services as it allows users to listen to the music when they are using other apps.